3 Financial Habits All Couples Need to Adopt to Build Wellness at Home

  Nothing kills a relationship faster than not being on the same financial page. Here are three important steps you and your love can take to work through financial challenges and stay together. Talk about money once per week. Time to break those bad habits… Read More

What You Need to Know About the Looming RRSP Deadline

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Save the Date for our Free RRSP Webinar

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5 Steps to Keep Your Financial Plan Alive

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Why RRSP loans are in style

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5 easy ways to get your finances in shape

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3 Naughty Financial Habits to Break in 2017

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5 Simple Tips to Make Sure You Get What’s Yours this Tax

There is a saying that ‘a little preparation goes a long way’ and this is especially true when it comes to your taxes. Canadians can ease their burden with some end-of-year preparation and help maximize their return. Here are five tips to help prepare for… Read More


Gratitude is the only word our team can use to truly express how we feel about your engagement, support and business this past year. We’re thankful for your bright ideas and bold financial moves. But most important, we’re humbled by your willingness to share your… Read More

The Financial Procrastinator’s Checklist

There is still time to end 2016 on a strong financial note. Tackle these ‘must-do’ activities. 1. Increase your bi-weekly contributions to your RRSP by $20. That’s the equivalent of two lunches and it adds up to just over $500 per year. If you keep… Read More