Say ‘No’ to Package Insurance

I know it’s not pleasant to think about illness, disease, death, disability, floods, fires, accidents, and other awful events, but catastrophes can happen and you need to be equipped with the right insurance to get you through difficult times. The last thing you need to… Read More

4 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Advisor

Guest contributor, Melanie Rousseau.   As an insurance advisor, I find that people are not familiar with the insurance they bought and the associated features.  Below are the four most important questions to ask your insurance advisor before you make changes to your existing policy… Read More

Frugal Summer Upkeep

In the summer, there’s a lot of personal upkeep that goes on like pedicures, bikini waxes and summer workout bootcamps. How do we keep up with all of this stuff without breaking the bank?     Tips: You can get your pedicure done at a… Read More

Rates are likely going up and it could be a good thing

WATCH: What the interest rate hike might mean for you – @Lesleyscorgie's interview with with @aartipole on #CBCNN — Jeffrey Sze (@jeffrey_sze) July 3, 2017   A rate increase in Canada could actually be a good thing because it can have a slight… Read More

Wallet, Waistline & Wellness Challenge

If you’re feeling a little drained and need to reset it could be because you’ve got some anxiety about your finances, body image or mindset. But, there is a way to shred that anxiety with “tweaks” to your daily routine. It’s the Wallet, Waistline and Wellness Challenge.

Ask Smaller Questions and Change Your Life

We’ve been taught that in order to produce great changes in our lives we must apply significant innovations to equally large challenges. For example, we feel stuck in our careers and ask ourselves “why am I not moving up in my organization?” or “why can’t… Read More

5 Physical Fitness Behaviours that Apply to Your Finances

Coaching people with their money is something I love to do. That’s why I built a business around the concept. But, I’ve also been teaching high intensity fitness classes every week for many years. Though my motivation to teach fitness started with me thinking that… Read More

The Cost of Your Tribe

Everyone belongs to a tribe, and sometimes more than one. These are the communities of people that we identify, play and congregate with. Some of us have a mission such as community work, physical fitness or support systems, while others are simply groups of friends…. Read More

The bogus budgeting myth when buying local

There’s a common misunderstanding that local choices for food, art, crafts, entertainment, clothing, furniture and services cost more. That simply isn’t the case.

Want to cash-out on your real estate? Read this.

When times are good in real estate there are plenty of reasons to cash-out. But, the cash-out only works to your financial benefit if you’re actually putting real money towards your net worth. Your net worth is the amount of money you have left over when… Read More