The Cost of Your Tribe

Everyone belongs to a tribe, and sometimes more than one. These are the communities of people that we identify, play and congregate with. Some of us have a mission such as community work, physical fitness or support systems, while others are simply groups of friends…. Read More

The bogus budgeting myth when buying local

There’s a common misunderstanding that local choices for food, art, crafts, entertainment, clothing, furniture and services cost more. That simply isn’t the case.

Want to cash-out on your real estate? Read this.

When times are good in real estate there are plenty of reasons to cash-out. But, the cash-out only works to your financial benefit if you’re actually putting real money towards your net worth. Your net worth is the amount of money you have left over when… Read More

Beat the 32 per cent rule in real estate

Mortgage lenders have loads of rules they must follow from government policies around borrowing limits to their internal risk management frameworks that protect their institutions from a borrower defaulting on their loan (i.e. not paying it back). But, one rule in particular has stood the… Read More

4 Reasons Your Mortgage Application Could Be Declined

There are many reasons that mortgages don’t get approved including low income, too much debt, and bad credit. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you’re getting declined due to any of the following reasons. Low Income: If the bank tells you… Read More

What you need to know if you’re behind on your taxes

Are you behind on your taxes? Taxes are like Christmas. Each year the filing date is the exact same – April 30th. The anticipation builds, albeit negative, but it’s not like tax season is a surprise. The biggest reason I see people skip filing is… Read More

Thinking of paying off your HBP early? Think again.

Let’s face it. Most first-time home buyers need a serious financial boost for their downpayment so many turn to the Home Buyer Plan (HBP). With the HBP you and your partner can borrow up to $25,000 each, tax-free from your RRSP. You’ll have 15 years to repay… Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

Taxes for the 2016 tax year are due April 30, 2017 at midnight. So, if you haven’t filed yet, get on it! According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the average tax refund in Canada is approximately $1,600 and a total of $127 billion is collected… Read More

What’s Missing From Your Tax Package?

Even accountants loath tax season. So, it’s not a wonder why the rest of us cringe at the silly little stack of tax forms piling high on our kitchen counters. Get organized Rather than use the forms as a coaster for your coffee mug, gather them… Read More

The Swap Life

Remove selling your body from this scenario and let’s say you challenged yourself to 30-days of swapping, rather than paying, for goods or services. Do you think you could do it? There are three types of swaps that don’t involve cash. 1. Services for Services… Read More