Is mortgage-freedom your goal? Tackle it in these three ways.

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Spending more than $1,000 on children’s activities? Think again.

When I started my career in finance in 2006, I attended an event with the author of The Wealthy Barber, David Chilton. He kicked off his financial pep talk by recounting the time he reviewed an Alberta family’s spending who claimed they were completely broke… Read More

Pair Your Child’s Educational Goals with a Flexible RESP

Planning for your children’s education is a burdening task. With RESPs, saving becomes easier and government grants can assist you in the process. Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) are the absolute best tool for parents to save for their children’s future education. By contributing regularly… Read More

Should you join your money with your honey?

When the dust settles after the ceremony, reception and second helpings of tiered wedding cakes, newly married couples in Canada must decide whether to join their banking. Technically speaking, so long as the couple works together to achieve their goals as a team, they can… Read More

Daydreaming about a joint vacation? Set some boundaries first

Two years ago I went on a group vacation with nine other people into the Muskokas. On day one, it was blissful: warm temperatures, great views, wonderful friends, and the low cost made my frugal heart flutter with joy. But by day three, I was… Read More

Are you being scammed? Here’s a quick guide to find out

Nearly 70 per cent of Canadians received a tax refund, making them an easy target for fraud. Last Tuesday I opened my email to discover a correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) stating that, due to a miscalculation during my tax filing last month,… Read More

The six best summer side-hustles for students

One summer job just isn’t enough anymore but there are money-making opportunities out there, from freelancing to festivals. The summertime can be a financial pressure cooker for some students as they scrounge, mooch and save for their next round of tuition payments, often due by… Read More

Re-imagine Your Budget to Stop Overspending

Remember, fancy spreadsheets and apps won’t save you. Better behaviours will. As a certified money coach and personal finance author,  I’ve seen just about every version of budgeting that you can imagine; families with an entire section of their kitchen countertop full of jars individually… Read More

Ladies, start saving 20 per cent for retirement

Women can unlock their financial potential by growing their financial confidence. The Wealthy Barber was the very first book I read about personal finance and the most important rule I learned was to save 10 per cent of everything I earned towards retirement. When I… Read More

Are You Behind on Your Taxes?

Missing the April 30 deadline could lead to a colossal waste of money. Here are some details to keep in mind.   Mark your calendars: Canada’s personal income tax deadline is April 30. That means weeks of fear, procrastination and guilt. The biggest worries I… Read More