About Me

Hi! I’m Lesley-Anne

Financial security is within your grasp

Your finances should be a priority, but let’s face it; no one taught us how to be great with money. The good news is that every single financially successful person ever, had to learn financial skills, and you can, too.

It begins with a financially positive mindset followed by savvy choices.

Money should be simple and empowering but it’s been made to feel complex. This is where I fit in; making money feel simple, and making it work for you. When we can figure out those two things, you’ll reach your financial potential; and become more satisfied with your life and career. Here’s how we can work together.

  1. Join my community at MeVest (this is my business), where you can sign up for our  newsletter, blog or money coaching.
  2. Coach with me one-on-one or in a small group. Email lesley-anne@MeVest.ca
  3. Sign up for the Money Boss Beta course, which is launching VERY SOON (link to follow when seats open)!

I look forward to helping you build an amazing financial future!


— Lesley-Anne

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