Don’t let fear hold you back from filing taxes on time

Simply put, tax procrastinators are generally scared that they’ll owe money and won’t have a way to pay it back. That fear breeds disorganization, making the situation far worse. Don’t spiral. Take control.

Eating smart pays off with less waste and waist

I am one of those tomato sniffers you see at the grocery store. I’ll also ask for a price match. I rarely go through the aisles in the middle of the store because that’s where the processed foods are. And, if I cut into a… Read More

Stop feeling overwhelmed by your financial goals in 2019

Since getting engaged a month ago, my financial priorities have shifted to accommodate being able to afford a wedding. Also on the horizon — and these other two financial goals didn’t change — is buying a larger home and travelling to Greece for my fiancé’s… Read More

Freeze (yes, freeze) your credit cards — use cash

It’s time. Take all of your credit cards out of your wallet. Lay them on your kitchen table. Now, place each one in a sandwich bag you can zip up (one card per bag). Grab the bags and toddle on over to the kitchen sink…. Read More

Reduce your tax bill with these end-of-year tips

Around this time of year I create my annual tax folder in Google Drive and begin loading up relevant documents such as my charitable receipts and medical expenses from the year. As new tax forms start rolling in, I keep them all organized in my… Read More

Demystify your investment statements

I knew early that if I wanted a bright financial future, it was up to me to learn to grow my money. So, I started investing when I was 10 years old by purchasing a $100 Canada Savings Bond with money my grandparents had given… Read More

The rise of subscriptions could be squeezing your digital wallet

Subscriptions are like paper cuts. If you get too many of them, they can harm your financial and physical well-being. The nastiest part is they’re so darn small, they often go undetected for quite some time. In the past five years, the subscription e-commerce market… Read More

Browsing flyers has gone digital, saving you time and money

I confess: I don’t care how nice a store is, or how informed the sales team is, I buy goods and services from whomever is the cheapest. Yes, loyalty programs sway me slightly, but better prices always have the final say. Aside from my health-care… Read More

Do you have an unconscious bias?

We make thousands of decisions each day from selecting the clothes we wear and people we host meetings with, to deciding what to buy for lunch. By tapping into automatic patterns of thinking, our amazing brains can process all of these decisions fairly efficiently. These… Read More